Manuscripts submission

The FACTOTUM AGENCY is always looking for new projects both Fiction and Non-Fiction!!

We receive many proposals every day and we want to give everyone the right space they deserve. For this reason, you'll find here some indications that allow us to better organize our work.

Projects and Proposals must be sent only by sending them to the e-mail address:

Manuscripts printed in paper format and sent by post will not be taken into consideration and will not be returned.
Likewise, we will not take into consideration the manuscripts sent through the Social Networks or in ways other than those listed below.

We ask you to insert the wording "New Proposal - Author's Name and Surname" in the Subject of the project sending e-mail, to allow us to identify it.

All material sent must be in PDF format.


For all mailings (both for adults and children) we ask you to attach:

- Letter of Presentation of the Work, to answer some questions: which genre does it belong to? to whom is it addressed? what are its strengths and originality?
- Synopsis: up to 15 lines long
- The complete text of the Work
- Biography of the author and Bibliography of the Opera.

We respect and know the great work that precedes each Project! This is why we care to evaluate them with great care and attention: but it is a process that takes time. We, therefore, anticipate that the response time may take from four to six months and that any negative replies will not be motivated.

We ask you to respect our work and not to call in the Agency, not to contact us privately for updates and not to send any further emails after the first one: it is difficult to wait, but all this only leads to a lengthening of work times.

Thank you for reaching out to me for your project, we are really curious to read it!